Laredo: Dog swap

Laredo 2012-06-09

Hmmm… well, Sparky is staying at another foster’s home. Sparky likes their dog and loves the people so he shouldn’t get any emotional scaring from bouncing there for a week. Laredo arrived. He is about 1 year old and acts very much like a puppy. He has had no training at all. None. He isn’t house trained, jumps up and puts his paws on you when he greets you, picks fights with the other dogs, and tries to take the food bowl of other dogs. We have had worse before.

As for what he looks like. Not a Chesapeake Retriever!!! Well… he has some in him, but he is something other than a chessie. He has a stubby nose and a broad head so he looks like he could have some pit bull in him. He is shaped like a lab and has nappy hair on half of him… so he has some Chesapeake in him. He is good looking from about the ribs forward. But from the ribs backward to the end of his tail… it looks like he got in a fight and is recovering from mange or something. He doesn’t have mange, but it is not attractive. Ever seen a squirrel where half the hair on hits tail is ripped out and what is there is messed up and mangled? That is what his tail looks like. And the hair on his butt is not brown… it is more like blond mixed with dirt. It looks like someone did a bad bleach job on him and his hair got bleach burned. I joked that we should go get some brown hair coloring and color the hair on his back and rear to make him all the same color.

He goes to get his surgery tomorrow to get neutered. Current plan is for him to stay a week while he recovers. Then go to another foster. But I suspect that he will be here longer.


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