Laredo: Just needs a home

We are taking in a new dog named Laredo.  He needs to be neutered before he can be put up for adoption.  This is Laredo. He is a Chesapeake Lab.  Not my favorite type of lab but he needs help.  I just don’t like the texture of their curley hair. But they have the same personality of our labs which are our rescue breed of choice. He basically needs a home for a week while he recovers from surgery. We typically try to foster the same personality dogs so that the entire pack gets along. All of the other dogs are some derivative of a Lab…. they all retrieve… they all like water… and they are all stupid. Sparky is a bit of an exception in that he is more of a Chow mixed with something. He chases the ball…. but doesn’t have the retriever instinct. But he is a good house dog and is well behaved once he gets adjusted. Anyhow…. this isn’t about Sparky…. this is about Laredo. Here is his picture.

Laredo smile


The only problem is that he doesn’t like some dogs… and particularly Sparky. Or rather… Sparky doesn’t like Laredo.

So… we are considering having Sparky stay with another foster family for a week while Laredo recovers from his surgery. He is only 1 year old so he should recover fast.

Let’s see how this goes. I just pray he isn’t a Darby clone. I still cry whenever I think of Darby.


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