Sparky: Not a bad dog

Well… it has been quite a while of keeping Sparky and he turns out to be a pretty decent dog once he acclimates to the environment.  He now sleeps on a pad in the bedroom, and he will let you pet him when he is on his pad.  He gets up and eats with the other dogs and is energetic about it.  He also seeks out attention now.  He previously didn’t seem to want to be pet especially on the tummy.  But now he comes to me when I get home and wants to be scrubbed on and he occasionally shows up in my office and wants to be pet.  He puts his nose under my arm and lifts my arm to let me know he is wanting some time.

Sparky is still more aggressive in unfamiliar situations so I wouldn’t put him in a home with children or where a child might poke at him.  But he would be a good companion dog.  He does love to play chase with the other dogs and will take the ball.  He doesn’t ever bring it back, but he likes to go get it.



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