Sparky: What a whimpy bark

Sparky has really settled in and is participating with the pack now.  He has figured out the dog door and so he is basically no trouble at all.  He sleeps in the hall or upstairs, doesn’t ever have an accident, and gets along with all of the other dogs.  There has been some interest in him and he has been referenced on a few applications, but none have adopted him.

Sparky never barks.  The most noise he ever makes is to squeal like a stuck pig if he thinks you are going to step on him when you are walking through the hall.  Don’t try moving him or moving his bed while he is in it.  He growls and curls his lips.  But on Saturday I was home in the house alone and the dogs heard something and started barking.  In a big surprise, instead of just laying there on his bed looking around, Sparky jumped up and ran to the front room and barked with the other dogs.  But his bark is pathetic.  This mousy little bark that is somewhat high pitched.  I chuckled listening to him make the noise.  But it was good to see him joining in with the pack to defend the house.

Another change in Sparky is that he now wants to be pet.  When I am in the office, he will come in and nudge my hand with his nose and want his ears scrubbed.  He will keep doing this till you say “no” and then he will politely walk down the hall and get in his bed.  In the morning when I get up and feed all of the pooches, he goes outside and then comes in and follows me around while I am getting ready for work.  He loves being pet.  He is just very nervous about being manhandled or picked up.

Another nice thing about Sparky is that he can be left alone in the house and he doesn’t destroy anything.  He would make a great dog for someone that works and has a doggy door.  He is pretty self sufficient.



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