Sparky: Toe nail cuttings

I thought that Mike was taking Sparky in to have his double due claws cut on his back feet, but it turns out that he just took him in to have his regular nails cut.  Gees…. we don’t do that for our permanent dogs and HART doesn’t reimburse us for this kind of stuff.  But… Mike wants the dog to get adopted so I guess he is trying to make him look peeeerdy.

Sparky is a bit aggressive when confined or cornered.  So, they muzzled him and then gave him tranquilizers.  When I got home, he was kind of “blah” and his tail was uncurled.  Mike hadn’t even noticed…. too humerus…. but he eventually agreed that Sparky was a bit sedated even 2 hours after returning from the vet.

So, he doesn’t tap so much when walking on the hard wood and will be back to normal tomorrow.  At least I didn’t growled at when I pet him in his bed tonight.


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