We haven’t fostered much since we took in Darby.  Having 4 dogs in the house is more than enough so we just fostered for situations where we knew the dog would go fast or already had a good application in.  But after the death of Darby, we got back into the fostering.  I think I cried for a good month after Darby was killed and it took a while to get up the courage to take in another dog.

Well… after about a month, we took in this fine dog named Dexter. When we started fostering again I told Mike to make sure that we didn’t get a dog that looked like Darby or acted like Darby.  And he brings home Dexter.  A black version of Darby.  Same personality, same look, same shape, everything.  I cried so many night while Dexter was in the house.  I still get weepy whenever I think of Darby a year later.

But here is Dexter.  Look at that face.  That is one happy dog.  And he loves to play.  Gees he runs, just loves food, and is only different from Darby in one respect… he doesn’t destroy everything in sight.





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