Frisby: Need a shave

I noticed that Frisbee has a clot of something in his fur.  It looks like sugar or something that crystallized in the fur on the right side of his muzzle. So, I got out the scissors and the clippers and I gave him a hair cut on the muzzle to cut the material out of his muzzle.

After getting started, it became clear that the stuff was drool and that it was not only stuck in his fur, but it was also surrounding some little pink pieces of tissue that looked like bee-bees.  I cut around everything carefully and then got out the clippers and trimmed the fur on his muzzle to make sure that he would stay clean.  After trimming, I found that his face is not symmetrical…more specifically, his lips are not symmetrical.  The area where he constantly drools hangs down about 1/2 inch and it appears that his lips don’t close.  The other side closes up just like you would expect.

I am hoping that this is just due to the drool.

On another note, Frisbee has started wagging his tail all the time and runs around with the pack like he is just a member of the group.  He plays with Darby all the time and they chase each other all over the yard.  I am really pleased to see him chasing Darby because he needs to lose some weight and this will definitely help him trim down.  On occasion, I find him standing in a room spinning in circles chasing his tail and he seems genuinely happy here at the house.  He has learned what it means when I start singing the doggy food song and knows where his bowl is so he does what all of the other dogs do and runs to sit at his bowl when the food is being given out.


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