Frisby: A message to his family

From: Scott

Sent: Saturday, September 06, 2008 11:55 AM

Subject: Frisbee update

We have had a good week with Frisbee.  I have started calling him shadow

because he won’t let me out of his sight.  He is really attached to me.  He

kept his tail down most of the week, but by Thursday he
started holding his

tail up and interacting with the other dogs like they
were all his best

friends.  I took
him to work on Tuesday with me and the only day that he had

to spend alone with the other dogs at the house was


Thursday morning he woke up with something matted in his
fur on the right

side of his face. 
I didn’t think much of it, but today I went to trim the

fur on his muzzle and found that he had cut his lip which
had caused him to

drool and mat up the hair.  I trimmed everything up and the lip has

I inspected it and it didn’t look like a dog bite or a
tear or anything.  It

looks like a zit or cyst popped on his lip.  Anyhow, it is healing up

nicely.  The hair
on his leg an belly are growing in nicely also. 
He seems

to trust me as he let me use the electric trimmers on his
face and he let me

use some surgical scissors (they have rounded tips so
that you don’t poke

the patient) on his muzzle. 


It is raining today so he didn’t get to go for his
walk.  He sleeps beside

my bed on top of the register.  In fact, it is odd, but in every room that

he goes to, he lays down on top of the register in the
floor.  He must be

very hot.  I keep
the temperature at about 75 but he still seems hot.  He

drinks a lot of water and is very happy using the doggy
door to play with

Darby.  The other
dogs don’t play so much as Darby (with any foster or any



Paul came over and met Frisbee and said he was much like
the standard Poodle

that his family had when he was growing up.  I think he meant in personality

because Frisbee doesn’t act like a poodle.  He doesn’t seem to jump at all

but he loves the couch in the basement.  When I go down to play pool or to

work on the servers, he makes a bee-line to the couch and
flops over on his

back to go to sleep. 

Susan will get back this weekend and will come over to

meet him.  This is
Susan’s first pet so I am being rather picky in making

sure that she knows what she is getting into.  I am seriously considering

just keeping Frisbee because he is so sweet and he
requires so little

maintenance.  He
fits in so well with the pack. 


Well…we haven’t had anything that I can write about
that is overly

exciting but nothing problematic either.  He is a wonderful dog.  I just

cannot imagine him biting anyone.  That makes it even more important that I

find the right home for him because whatever triggers him
will be completely

unexpected by his new family (if I give him up!).


I hope you are all getting along well.  Tell everyone that Frisbee is doing

really good and fitting in well. 




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