Frisby: Walk in the yard

I was so sore this morning when I got up that I put on a pair of shoes and took the pack of 5 dogs for a walk around the property.  The real goal was to teach Frisby the boundaries of the fence and to see if he would obey.  He did really great and stayed with the pack.  He kept his tail up high and investigated everything with all of the dogs.  I took 3 balls with me so that Remy and Kira would have one in their mouth and Frisby could play with one.  But, everytime I threw the ball, Frisby would run after it but wouldn’t bring it back.  Maybe he was to distracted with the new surroundings.

Around 9pm Frisby was sleeping on the register in my office and his collar tags fell through the grate.  Unfortunately he was also laying on the phone wire and when he woke up and his collar was stuck, he panicked.  He took off running through the office dragging the register and the phone cord and ran to the bedroom.  This of course ripped the phone out of the wall breaking the wires and threw papers everywhere from the area where he was laying.  I had to coax him back in the office to untangle him and get the register off his collar.  Once everything was straightened out, he went right back to the register and went to sleep.


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