Frisby: Day 1

Today was Frisby’s first full day at the house with the dogs.  My back was hurting so bad today that I could barely walk but Lucy came out today and didn’t leave till about 4pm.  So, as soon as she was gone, I took some pain meds and took a nap.  When I woke up, Frisby had located a T-shirt that I had recently worn and carried it over to the side of the bed where he made a bed and slept on it.

The day started out fairly normal with Pronto barking his head off and hissing all morning.  I got up at 7am after going to bed at 2am (couldn’t sleep for the pain so I stayed up till I could barely keep my eyes open) and fed the dogs.  Lisa was already up and so I chatted with her for a bit and then she got sad while looking at Frisby and sat down on the floor to hold him.  I went back to my office to give her time alone with him and tinkered about for about an hour.

After a while Lisa came down the hall and wanted to talk about logistics and leaving his stuff and it was clear that she needed to talk about making sure that everything was smooth and start making the break.  We talked about his crate and what she was leaving and watched him play with his new toy.  She got sad again so I tried to come up with something to do that would take her mind off of leaving him.

I offered to take her for a walk around the property and so all of the dogs and the two humans wnet wandering about as I told her stories about our parties in the spring and fall.  I showed her the garden and Mike came out and walked around with us.  Lucy showed up at around 9:30 so we came back to the house and talked in the kitchen area until about 11. 

I tried to keep Lisa talking about things other than Frisby and checked on her husband’s flight periodically and then abruptly suggested that we take her to the airport.  My family always tried to make very abrupt breaks when leaving someplace where we would be sad if we dwelt on leaving and it seems to help.  Lisa got very sad and I got her some tissues.  I locked the dogs up (Lucy is scared of the dogs) and we got in the car.  Lisa is very outgoing and she knew that I was trying to keep her distracted and she played along.  Soon we were talking about charities and various things that they do in California, and she held together for the duration of the drive.  If I let the conversation stop, she would get sad again, so I just kept trying to come up with stuff to say.  Now, all of you who know me know that I am the worst at conversation and am more comfortable just sitting in silence, but I think I did OK in keeping things going.

We circled the lot of the airport for a couple of passes till Lisa’s husband was at the baggage pickup and then I dropped her off.  I got home at around noon and Frisbee was very quiet in his crate.  I let him out first and then the rest of the dogs and took them out in the back yard.  I then locked them in the office with me while I worked on setting up Roller 4.0 on my server.  Frisby laid on the AC register in my office (presumably because his long fur coat is warm) and I clicked away at the computer.  Lucy left at 4pm and then I took the nap.

Frisby is doing really great on his first day.  He probably doesn’t know that this is anything more than a short time in day care like when his family goes on vacation but he is watching the other dogs, mimicing what they do, and playing the dominance dance with Darby.


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