Frisby is a Portuguese Water Dog (very much like a Labradoodle) who has lived in San Mateo California for about 7 years with his family.  Lisa told me that she has had him since she was in the hospital for breast cancer and he is so special to her.  But, he has developed a problem.  On 3 occasions now, in normal and benign situations, he has lashed out and bit people.  First it was a jogger that he had to cross the yard to get to.  The second was an older woman that came into the yard to talk to Lisa, and the third and final straw was the child of a neighbor that reached out to pet him.  In the last situation, it was a child that Frisby knew and so it was very surprising that he bit her.

Fortunately for Frisby, none of the people reported the incidences because they are neighbors and the community is very dog friendly.  But, the problem is that none of the organizations in California will take Frisby in to foster or adopt because in California he is a marked dog and will be put down.  The laws in California are more strict and if a dog has bitten someone and you give him to another family, if he bites again, the original owner is still liable even if the original owner discloses the situation.  In Frisby’s case, he is a wonderful dog 99% of the time, but they cannot take a chance that one of these situations will trigger him and they will have to put him down.

The local organizations like HART offered to help market him to get him adopted but they couldn’t take him in due to the biting history and because the recent rash of forest fires and home foreclosures have innundted the shelters with animals that have been abandoned or lost.  So, they reached out for assistanc and found me through a connection at work.  Mike and I talked about it and agreed to take Frisby in and so we arranged for Lisa to fly in today (Friday) and leave him with us.  We will either find a family for him directly or we will use HART to find a home.  We want to do it ourselves so that we don’t burden HART if possible.

Lisa arrived about 10 minutes early on her flight from California.  She had been stuck in the center seat between a fellow with a computer and another fellow reading a paper.  That is a long flight to be in a middle seat.  I parked the truck in the parking structure attached to the airport and walked to Baggage Claim #3 which is where her bags were to arrive.  When I got there, she had already gotten her bags and had been told that the dog would come out on the oversized conveyor belt.  So we went down to the oversized baggage area.  We waited and waited and waited and things from the same flight kept coming out, but no dog.  Pretty soon the airport was virtually empty so I went over to the service counter and was told that the animals came out a different oversized belt and they pointed me in the right direction. When I got there (opposite end of the airport from where Lisa was), Frisby was sound asleep in his crate.  I opened it gently and hooked the leash on him and drug the crate along beside me through the airport till we got to Lisa.

Lisa was so happy to see Frisby and he really perked up when he recognized her.  Once we got all situated, I carried the crate through the airport and then to the garage.  The crate was pretty heavy and it seemed like a mile of walking.  I hoisted the crate up onto my shoulder and once we were outside, I hunched over and carried it on my back.  I knew that a dog, crate, and luggage was going to be to much for one person, so I had taken pain killers in preparation for this stunt.

On the way home we stopped and got Pizza and then called Mike who was already home.  We got Frisby situated at home and then sat down and had Pizza around 9:30pm.  Since Lisa was still on California time, this was just fine for her.  Mike and I were starving and between the three of us, we finished off a full large Pizza.  Lisa only ate 2 pieces!  We then let Lisa have alone time with Frisby and he slept in the room with her over night.

Frisby is solid black with soft curly hair thta is about 2 inches long right now.  He will need to be trimmed up in a few weeks. He is just a little overweight at around 70 pounds and has some tenderness in his hips.  He has a hot-spot on his leg which indicates he is a bit stressed out and so we have Gentramiacin to help sooth the spots.  This is the same stuff that we give Kira for her issues with hystocytomas.  He is very friendly, very quiet, and gentle.  He did just fiine being handled by strangers and had no problems getting into the truck and riding in the back seat.  Unlike my rude dogs, he just laid down on the back seat and quietly rode home while Lisa and I talked.

Below is a picture of Frisby (solid black dog on the left).




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