Darby: Escapes again!

Mike came back from the beach last night at about midnight and so things were somewhat back to normal for the dogs from a schedule perspective.  Well…should have been.  When I got home from work, I was greeted at the door by 3 dogs again and so I immediately searched for what Darby destroyed and then how he got out of the cage. 

Destruction:  A friend of Mike’s mailed Mike a book on CDs which was sitting on the breakfast table.  Darby had taken it off the table and shreaded the box.  It looks like the CDs were undamaged so all may be OK with no real damage.

Escape method:  This one is really easy.  Mike got distracted when putting the dogs in the cage and didn’t latch the bottom latch or put the safety clip on.  So, Darby just pushed the door open and slipped out.  No damage to the cage this time.


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