Pronto: Dog sitting starts

Fitz drove out to our place with Pronto to drop him off at about 8pm.  Mike had forgotten that Fitz was bringing Pronto out and so he didn’t get home till after Fitz had left. I was mildly annoyed with Fitz because as he dropped Pronto off and chatted, he told me that Pronto should be allowed to sleep in the bed with me and to not let any of the other dogs hurt him.  I was annoyed because whenever Fitz comes out and is taking a nap downstairs in the master bedroom, if one of our dogs gets on the bed, Fitz will tell us how he has figured out how to get them off by “making a fist and driving his knuckles into their ribs until they become so uncomfortable that they get up.”  Well, you can imagine how this makes me feel especially when I find that he has kicked Kira off the bed. 

I told Fitz that if Pronto could get himself up on the bed, he could sleep on the bed.  This was partly poking at Fitz because Pronto has gotten so overweight that he cannot jump, and partly to let him know that Pronto will get no special treatment.  I think I am just annoyed by Fitz’s lack of compassion for our dogs but is so protective of Pronto.  Pronto is the first dog to get into anything, the first to pick a fight, and the first to run off on his own so that you have to hunt for him.  Our dogs paw on the side of the bed to ask if they can get up, they don’t get into anything (except for Darby if we leave him out alone), and they stay right with you while you are walking around outside.  Yet Fitz sees our dogs as bad or unfit for the bed.


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