Leo: Becomes Dylan

Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 1:04 PM

To: Michael

Subject: Re: HART – Leo

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your note.  We changed “Leo” to “Dylan,” and he is doing great in most respects.  He did very well coming home the first day, and has not yet had an accident in the house.  He absolutely loves Anna, and vice versa.

He’s been a little skiddish (more towards strangers than
us) and has barked like you told us he would, but nothing serious.  He loves giving kisses and getting belly rubs.  He’s been sleeping on the bedroom floor at night where he seems to be very comfortable.  We’re so happy to have him.  

When we took him to the vet yesterday, tests revealed
that he has a COCCIDA infection.  They gave us medicine to clear it up, and said it should be gone within a couple of days.
This probably explains the loose stool.

Everything else seems to be okay.

We did purchase heart worm and flea/tick meds. – could
you please remind us when was the last time he received both of these

I have attached a couple of pictures.  Thank you for taking good care of him and assisting us in this process.  I’m sure Dylan would love to come out to Middleburg and play sometime after he’s settled in – let’s keep in contact about that. 

All the best,

Tristan, Chris, Anna & Dylan





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