Pronto: Dog sitting

We went into town to have dinner with Will and Fitz to celebrate Fitz’s birthday.  Mike and I took them out to Morton’s Steak House in Crystal City.  I had training for a customer that evening so I was already in my suit and so I drove into town when the training session was over.  Will and Fitz were not home when I arrived so I went down to Pentagon City mall and hung out for a bit.  While there I found the candy shop and got Will some maple covered peanuts.  He is crazy for peanuts and always wants maple covered donuts, so I figured the combination would be perfect.

Will called me at about 6:30 saying that he was home so I left the mall and went to their place.  I gave Will the peanuts and he did a little happy dance for them.  We munched on the peanuts until Mike arrived at about 7pm and then headed out to dinner at 7:30.  Dinner was at 7:45 and half way through dinner I realized that Will had set the bag of peanuts on the coffee table.  So, I asked… “what did you do with the peanuts”.  Will thought for a moment and then said “That G** D*** Dog!!!  He better not have eaten my peanuts!”.

Will was rather sullen through the rest of dinner and when we got home, the bag for the peanuts was in the middle of the room and I snatched it up before Will could get in the house.  It was to late.  Will just sat on the couch and brooded.

We were originally going to take Pronto back out to our place when we finished dinner, but with the dog filled with peanuts and sugar, we figured that it was best that we left him there and let Fitz bring him out on Wednesday.  We will be dog-sitting Pronto from August 20 through September 14.


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