Darby: Even steals when Mike is home

Mike worked from home today as he usually does on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. His drive is 1.5 hours up into Maryland because his idiot of a boss moved the company.

As a side note, this move of the company was a perfect example of selfish and bad management.  Mike and all of the people working for the company took their jobs and moved their homes to be close to work.  Mike’s boss did not want to move and so he drove 30 minutes every morning to and from work.  After doing this for a number of years, the boss (who is the only one that was not living near the office) started floating the idea to everyone that he wanted to move the company to Maryland so that his commute wasn’t so bad and he would move it to be an equal distance from where he lives to where everyone else lives.  He pitched it to the company management on the pretense that it would be cheaper to have the office in Maryland and that the staff was accepting of it.  Well, the staff was not accepting, but they leaned on Mike to speak up, and in normal fashion, Mike didn’t want to rock the boad and never said anything.  So, Mike’s boss moved the company.  Only problem is that he selected a location that is neither equal distance nor cheaper.  The company expenses went up and now Mike has to drive 1.5 hours to work every morning and 1.5 hours home in the evening.  So, I pushed Mike to make them agree to let him work from home at least 2 days a week to compensate for the extra cost in gas (which at the time was only $1.75 per gallon).  They agreed so now he drives in 3 days a week (at $4 a gallon now) and works from home 2 days a week.

Well, Mike worked from home today and while working upstairs, Darby slipped downstairs and went to Mike’s closet and pulled out a pair of his new underwear and then proceeded to take it outside and rip it to shreds.  Unfortunately for me, he then went to the laundry room and took a pair of my underwear and one of my new CK T-shirts and shredded them.


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