Darby: I like to destroy one-of-a-kind hats

I came home from work and noticed something in the back yard that was blue with white.  I went outside and Darby ran to the object and grabbed it up and started playing with it.  As I got closer to him, much to my displeasure (if not horror) was my baseball cap that I had gotten when in Europe working on my MBA.  This hat was virtually one-of-a-kind as I misplaced it about a year ago and tried to find another one online but couldn’t.  The hat was exceptionally nice in that it was a gift from Catapillar which is a company that I studied while working on the MBA, it was canvas on the top and suede on the bill, and it was a perfect fit.

But, after finding the hat ouside, it dawned on me that the had has always sat on the dresser in my bedroom and that it always had my Oakley sunglasses in it.  So, I went to my bedroom and sure enough, there was a piece of the Oakley sunglasses on the floor.  I searched around and found the bridge, ear pieces, and lenses shredded on the bed.

So, in one day I lost my favorite and unreplacable hat and a $150 pair of sunglasses that were only a year old.  I was so furious with Darby that I just couldn’t look at him.


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