Leo: Another Pitt

After our success with Chip, Mike figured that we could take in another Pitt Bull mix.  So, he called me and asked if he could bring home another that was destined to be put down.  I agreed and so he brought home a little dog named Leonedis.  Leo is a cute little brown dog with a tiny spot of white on his chest.  He looks very much like a Pitt Bull, but has floppy ears like a lab.  As you look at him more, he has a lab’s skull structure but a Pitt Bull nose.  A bit of a piggy nose.

Well, when Mike brought Leo into the house, he was friendly enough and he was walking around with the leash on.  We took him in the back yard and he seemed to get along with the rest of the dogs.  So, we took him off the leash and he ran around.  He had obviously been in a house before because when we went in and shut the door, he ran up to the door and started barking his head off.  His bark is really funny in that he throws his head back 90 degrees every time his barks.  It is the most animated bark I have ever seen.  Leo is also not house trained and wets wherever he is standing.  When locked in the cage, he doesn’t even think twice about pooping in his crate.

Here is a picture of Leo.  Not a very good one, but it is the only one I have so far.




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