Chip: A great guard dog

I took today off to just burn some vacation and was in my office when the dogs all went running down the hall to the front.  I got up thinking that the UPS man or something was here.  But, when I got to the hall, all of the dogs were standing in the kitchen peeking around from behind a wall.  Their hair was all standing up and Chip was close to the big window.  As I peeked around the corner, I saw a man looking in the windows of the house.  He had driven up in a white truck and was very tanned.  He had long greasy hair and was walking from window to window cupping his hands on the glass and looking into the front living room. 

The dogs were all low to the ground and their hair was standing up but Chip was the one that was following the fellow.  Chip’s back is just below the windowsill so that you wouldn’t see him if you weren’t looking down.  As the man got to the really large window by the door to the kitchen and cupped his hands to look in, Chip let out this series of loud barks and charged at the window with full teeth showing.  All of the other dogs went crazy and the man ran from the house back to his truck.  He drove down the long driveway and stopped near the mailbox on the gravel road.  Another man came running up through the yard of my neighbor’s house and got in the passenger side of the truck and they sped away.

Chip has a really loud, deep, and scary bark and when he jumped at the window, it was like Cujo was on the hunt.  This is a great guard dog!


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