Chip: A Sweet dog

After getting Chip accustomed to coming into the house and being around us, he has began to pick up the habits of the other dogs.  He watches the dogs interact with me and then begins to imitate them when he wants something like food or a treat.  I think this is why we have been so successful with turning dogs around.  They watch and learn from our pack of dogs and very quickly figure out how to fit into the pack. 

Now that Chip has gotten accustomed to us, he will come inside and he will let me pet him.  So, after earning his trust, I put him on his back and held him upside down in my lap for about 15 minutes until he relaxed.  After he relaxed, I let him down and he is now my best friend.  He follows me around and watches me.  Every time I reach for him to put him on his back, he immediately relaxes and will lay his head on my chest.  He is a very good dog, but just a bit shy.


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