Mike called from the adoption event and sheepishly asked if he could bring home a dog that was otherwise going to get put down.  Upon further discussion, the reason he was sheepish was because it was a Pit Bull/Lab mix and Mike knows that I am leery of that breed.  But, he said that the dog was very friendly and shy.  So, I agreed and Mike brought home Chip.

Will and Fitz came out to visit and when I told them that Mike was bringing home a Pitt Bull, Fitz exclaimed “oh no, those dogs are trouble.  He better not hurt Pronto.”  Will and I just rolled our eyes and made a face at each other.  It is a bit humerus that Fitz seems to think Pronto is such a sweet dog that can do no harm yet Pronto is usually the one that picks the fight with our dogs.

It appears that Chip was chained up outside and has never been a house dog. His front legs look powerful but his back legs are think and spindly.  He walks with an odd gate to his back legs.  He also will not come into the house without a lot of coaxing.  He will come to the threshold of the door but will not step inside.  He is very nervous with people so if you reach for him, he darts away and stays out of your reach.  The only way we could get him inside the first day was to coax him in with food and then shut the door.  He won’t come near people so it is difficult to get him to let you pet him.

Here is a picture of Chip.  Note the bowed back and weak legs.




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