Bones: Farewell

Over the past month Bones has been going down hill very fast.  I have lived with a dog pooping in the house for 2 years now and now he is dribbling in the house.  He also has fallen down a lot and cannot get himself back up.  A couple of days ago he fell down the stairs and was limping a bit.  But, when he goes for walks with Mike, he seems to skip and look happy.  He is only happy when Mike is home.  He can’t see anything, it appears he cannot smell very much, and he is deaf.  He gets disoriented in the house and sometimes follows me around acting like he thinks I am Mike. 

When I left for work this morning Mike said he was taking Bones to the vet for an evaluation to possibly put him down.  He had spent the last week carrying around my camera and taking pictures of Bones in familiar places.  At about 10am I got a page from Mike saying that Bones was gone and that he was upset.  Mike never seems to cry over anything, but in this case, he was crying.  

I told everyone at work to take over for me and I left immediately.  On the way home I stopped at the store and got about $100 in comfort things for Mike.  I got him some fancy dark chocolate, a couple of tubs of ice cream, cheetoes, peanut butter cookies, a small cake, flowers, and wine.  When I got home he was keeping a straight face and trying not to show that he was upset but he took the gifts and went to his office.  He never talked about the event or what had happened.  I didn’t ask. For the rest of the day he stayed in his office and didn’t talk much. 


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