Darby (aka D’Jango): Finally… a name!

Now that we have gotten to know the dog, I have decided that his name should be Darby.  Mike didn’t like the name so much, but was OK with it.  It gets mixed reviews.  Some people think it is a good name and others think it is a so-so name.  But, after I tell them the story for why he is named Darby, most everyone agrees that it is a good name.

In a company I once worked for as head of IT, we had an incident where this fellow by the name of “Darby” decided that he was going to go work for the competition.  Darby had a fun personality and was one of those people that would tell you interesting stories that you believed and he could enchant you with the tale that he could weave from the most mundane of events.  But, he wasn’t very bright.  He could do his job and he did it well, but when it came to thinking through logic, he wasn’t very good.

One day Darby comes into the office and allegedly came over to the IT area and asked one of my team to burn some data to a CD.  We were in a company where this was a huge issue because we dealt with thousands of customer’s financial accounts.  While all of the financial information was in a database with multiple levels of security to prevent it from being stolen, it was still a huge “no no” to take any data out of the office.  But, my guy allegedly burned the CD.  Darby then puts the CD in his brief case in his office and proceeds to write up his resignation letter.  He left the open brief case on his desk in plain view from the hallway outside his office and took the resignation to the CEO of the company.  He was apparently so nervous or elated about resigning (believe me, we all dreamed or resigning…the CEO was the worst I have ever seen at managing people) that he immediately went to the elevator and went down for a smoke.

Well, it would seem that he had told the fellow that he allegedly asked to burn the CD that he was resigning so this fellow went down with him for the smoke.  Darby must have realized at some point that he had left the CD in his open brief case on his desk and so he called the person in the office next door and asked her to get his brief case and put it under her desk.  She did so, but not before the head of HR and I had already walked by the office looking for Darby and seen the open case.

We would never have suspected anything had the brief case not vanished when we returned to the office after telling Darby’s boss that he had resigned.  But, since it disappeared and Darby was no-where to be seen, we immediately went on a hunt for the case.  It was very easily spotted and when we asked the woman for it, she promptly turned it over and said that Darby had asked her to hold it for him.  She didn’t know he had resigned.

Well, we took the brief case back to my office and locked it in a cabinet while we waited for the CEO and the on-staff Lawyer/compliance officer to come to the office.  As we were assembling everyone, Darby’s boss had staked out Darby’s office and it wasn’t long before Darby came up to the floor and snuck in the back way to his office only to see his boss hovering.  He promptly went down stairs, called the office person next door, and found out what had happened.  Darby then promptly disappeared.

When everyone was assembled, we opened the brief case and found two things.  A copy of the resignation letter and a CD that was nicely labeled with the company name and the words “source code” hand written on the CD.  The CEO blew a gasket (which wasn’t unusual) and immediately initiated action to block Darby from going to the competitor.  He was previously going to let Darby leave and go to the competitor without anything being said or done, but this changed everything.  It didn’t hurt that the CEO was also a lawyer.

Well, there are lots of details that were came out in court that we were never told, but the rumors are that Darby high tailed it out of town.  He got his wife and kids and headed to Florida and abandoned their home and everything in it. The guy that worked for me said that he really couldn’t remember much of anything because he was taking drugs that blocked his memory due to his high stress level.  After we interviewed my guy, Darby allegedly called him to find out what he had said so that they could have consistent stories.  But, rumor has it that in the court proceedings, Darby fingered the guy and just rolled over.  The guy had already been fired and had moved up to Boston where his wealthy father set him up in another IT job.

The really ironic thing about all of this is that Darby had grabbed a directory off of the shared drive that said “source” in the name but he never checked what was inside.  The competitor said that they never asked for the source and that they would not have hired him had he presented it to them or even suggested that he could get it.  But, what caught Darby in the end is that inside that directory was a copy of the names of all of our customers.  No addresses, no financial information, but just a customer list buried deep in the tree.  It had been used by marketing at one point to identify all of the customers and only the upper management could get to the directory.  So, rumor has it that they got Darby for attempting to steel customer information which carried a lot of weight considering the high profile cases that had recently hit the newspapers.

So, as I got to know this dog and saw him do things that show that he has a lot of intelligence, he also does the most stupid things that a dog could do.  He is intelligent, charismatic, and goofy.  And so, I figured Darby was a fitting name for the dog.  I went to PetSmart and had tags made up with the name “Darby” and now that is how I refer to him.


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