D’Jango: Finding a name

When I got home from work, I filled out the adoption papers.  Mike came into the office and we tried to think up names for him.  I went online and checked for doggy names and none were very good.  Mike wanted to call him Bart but I just couldn’t name a dog after a coworker.  So, I suggested "Bort" and Mike wanted Ben.  We went back and forth on lots of names but nothing seemed to fit. So, he is Jango for now.

Jango seems to be over his urinary track infection as he has stopped having to pee so much and can now hold it.  He hasn’t had an accident in the house and even comes to me in my office and barks at me till I get up and follow him through the house.  He leads me to what he wants and when he wants to go out, he leads me to the glass doors.  He is really a great dog and is very intent on pleasing me, but at the same time he is having as much fun as he can.


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