D’Jango: OK… gotta adopt this dog

After having had D’Jango (we refer to him as just Jango) for only 3 days, I have come to really like this dog.  Of course everyone predicted that we would adopt him, but I really didn’t think I would like a dog this much.  As you can see in the pictures below, he is just a pup with the softest fur I have felt in a long time.  He is incredibly smart and inquisitive but does the goofiest things.  But, what is really great is that he provokes all of the other dogs into playing.  And, he constantly plays!  It is amazing how much he plays.  First he bites at Kira till she starts playing and they wrestle around for about 30 minutes till she is tired.  Then he goes after Remy and they chase each other around the house.  Then he comes after me and wants to play.  He has all of the personality of Grendel but a lot more intelligence.

I have thought about why I want to adopt this dog.  Everyone at work said that I should adopt the dog after I took him to work.  Just about everyone wanted to adopt him and he just seems to love everyone.  But, he seems to be attached to me and always stays near me.  But, one of my coworkers was actually the one that convinced me to adopt him.  Bart said “every time you foster a dog that you really like, you tell us daily stories about the dog.  When you don’t like them, we barely hear about them.  And, when one that you like gets adopted, you always seem sad for a while.  Well, you seem to really really like this one.  Do you want to let it slip away?”  On the way home from work, I

Here is a picture of D’Jango doing what he does.




He snuggles up against the other dogs and just makes himself at home.  He does the same with humans.  I have been making him sleep in the crate beside the bed, but when I let him out, he jumps on the bed and then curls up in a little ball on top of me.  He only weighs about 40 pounds so it isn’t terribly uncomfortable.  He usually curls up on my belly, but sometimes he will curl up on my thighs.  Kiras is not happy with this at all, and after a while, she will push him off of me or otherwise start an argument.  You can definitely see that Kira is not happy about me petting on him so much but she doesn’t want to be pet on at all.  She just doesn’t want me to give anyone else attention.  A nice side effect of this is that Kira has become more outgoing and affectionate.  I have made sure that I give Kira just as much attention as before and I even go overboard so that she knows that she is still special.  But, secretly, I love playing with Jango more than any of the dogs we have.

Poor Remy is once again at the bottom of the totem pole and just sits off to the side and seems to sulk.  I make sure to pet on Remy and make him part of the family, but he seems to be sulking a lot.

Well, after all of that discussion, here are the pictures of Jango to the left of Remy in bed.  That name (Jango) has to be changed.


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