D’Jango: How to take a leak

I got home today and took Jango outside with the other dogs and played Frisbee and toss with the dogs.  Jango doesn’t have any instinct to retrieve in him so he just chases the other dogs.  But, the funniest thing happened while we were outside.  Jango always squats when peeing, but he was playing and saw Remy go over to a bush and lift his leg.  Jango watched intently, then got up and walked over to another bush and lifted his leg.  I praised him and he pranced over just as happy as could be.

I have been trying to teach him how to come in through the doggy door by lifting the flap and coaxing him in.  Up until today, he wouldn’t come through the doggy door and I would open the door that has the doggy door mounted in it and he would run through.  But, today I got him to come through the doggy door and he seemed so happy to have done it that he pranced around in circles and then licked me when I praised him.  He really seems like he wants to be praised and wants to learn.


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