D’Jango: The new foster

Well, once again, I got a call from Mike while he was at the adoption event and he wanted to bring a dog home.  This is just a natural part of fostering so it is expected.  But, this one is a bit different in that Nancy would normally have gotten the dog and fostered him, but she blew her back out and so she couldn’t walk him or take care of him.  The dog is between 9 months and 1 year old and has a special situation with HART.  The short story is that one of the women that has been with HART for a log time has a sister that took in this dog that was a stray.  At the time that they took him in, the family already had a Chow and the husband did not like this dog.  They started having fights over the dog and the dog was locked in the laundry room so that it wouldn’t get in fights with the Chow.  So, the sister asked HART if they could take the dog.  

Given that the dog was from a relative of someone at HART and the HART volunteer had liked the dog and knew its personality, they basically set us up to end up adopting the dog.  The volunteers laid bets on which of us (Mike or me) would be the one to cave and adopt the dog.  It seemed that they knew we would adopt after fostering.  They kidded with Mike that we would adopt but he was sure that I would not let that happen since I am very strong against having more than 3 permanent dogs in the house.

Mike went to pick the dog up at the home and he said that when he got the dog and drove away, the dog never even looked back at the house or acted like he cared that he was leaving.  When Mike got him home, he was just a bundle of energy and fun to play with.  He wasn’t house trained and peed on the floor right beside Mike’s foot while we were talking about him. 


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