Lark: Sweet dog

Mike was at the adoption event and called to ask if we could take care of a Foster dog for a week or so.  He said that there were a couple of very good pending adoptions for the dog.  But, there was more to the story than just the typical “we will hold it till the paperwork is done”.

It turns out that this dog named Lark was the dog of a family in Maryland that was using the Montgomery shelter as a means to try to train their 10 year old daughter about responsibility.  The story that I was told was that this family in Maryland brought their dog to the Montgomery shelter around thanksgiving and dropped it off saying that they were trying to teach their daughter a lesson because the daughter wouldn’t take care of the dog.  Apparently they were upset that the child was not feeding and caring for the dog properly so they wanted to drop it off at the shelter on a Friday and then after the daughter had learned her lesson, they would pick it up on Monday.  The first time this happened, the shelter took the dog but tried to get the family not to do this.  But, then again in January, the family showed up with the dog to drop it off.  The shelter told them that this was misuse of the shelter but the father lectured the shelter person that the shelter had a charter to take in dogs and hold for at least 3 days.  The woman at the shelter told the man that the dog could end up getting adopted and he apparently didn’t care or didn’t think it would happen.

So, after the fellow left, the woman at the shelter contacted one of the HART volunteers and asked if HART could take an overflow dog.  She explained what had been going on, and the volunteer went straight to the shelter and got the dog. 

Well, it is true that the shelter must hold dogs for at least 3 days; however, there is a stipulation that if they are full up, they can send overflow to surrounding rescue groups.  And, the shelter was full up.  So, they were within their charter and legal rights to have local rescue groups come to get dogs.  End of story…we never heard what happened when the family came back, but since HART took the dog and the shelter signed the dog over for adoption, there is no way for the family to get the dog back.

Lark is a wonderful dog but she has some flaws.  The most important of which is that she is not house trained.  She is also food aggressive.  House training only took a few days but we did end up with a few messes.  She apparently was kept in a crate as was evident because when it was bedtime, she headed straight for the crate beside the bed and just went to sleep.  You didn’t even have to close the crate door.  She didn’t jump on the bed and she behaved herself very well.

When HART took her in, she had not been spayed.  At the time, she was well over a year old and should have been spayed long ago.  So, the Montgomery shelter paid to have her spayed and we took her in to watch her while the stitches were healing.


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