Will plain stain ties stick?

I got to thinking about why the glue didn’t stick well for the prototype and remembered that I used the ties that had been dipped in the pre-stain.  This is kind of a thin oil that soaks into the wood so that the stain doesn’t soak in to far.  But, it is an oil.  So, I got to thinking that maybe just a plain stain (even if oil based) would still be able to stick.  So, before I left for work this morning, I took two of the non-pre-stained ties and put them on short pieces of wood and clamped them down.  We will see how well the glue sticks for this.

The reason that I would prefer to have the glue stick with the stained ties is that the process that I need to use involves dipping the entire tie in the stain.  This means that the cutout, that I put into each tie so that it would effectively make a groove with the rails, will be coated in stain since the groove is already cut.  And, the groove is already cut for about 300 ties.  That is 1/5 the total ties, but still quite a few.  Due to learning this, the next set of ties that I cut will be cut to length, stained, and then routed to cut out the grooves so that there will be no stain where the glue is. 


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