Oil based stain affects glue strength

I took the track out of the press and mounted the rail on it.  I was disappointed that the ties did not hold to the boards as tightly as the non-stained ties did.  Then I remembered that on this set of ties, I applied the pre-stain material that is suppose to stop the stain from absorbing to deep into the wood. Anyhow, a couple of the ties popped off when I was nailing on the track.  I need to go back to the store and see if I can find a water based stain so that the oil based stain does not interfere with the glue.  I should have thought about the oil based stain affecting the glue before.  Below is a picture of the the two prototypes.  The left hand side is oak with unstained poplar ties, and the right is oak with stained poplar ties.  I think the stained ties will look a lot better when all is said and done.



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