Benny: The next foster?

The fostering is on hold at the moment till I find out what is happening with my company and my job.  If my commute changes so that I get home later, it will be difficult on the foster dogs.  But, there is a dog that is in desperate need of a foster.  His name is Benny and he is a black lab that was adopted by a single military fellow.  Well, opinions run rampant on whether single military guys should be allowed to adopt, but in this case, the most common thing happened.  He got shipped out and his dog needs a home.  But, Benny has a personality flaw…he has bad separation anxiety.  So, he will have a rough time now that he is bonded with the military fellow.

The guy has been extremely upfront and good about this and has been bringing Benny to the adoption events for 2 months but there have been no takers.  Mike has been asking me to consider taking him in and when Mike is persistent like this, I usually give in.  But, humorously, Mike did lose a lot of influence when we took in Babe and I took the brunt of the problems because of his office location move.




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