Success with the new jig

I got more materials and put a curve in the new jig Friday night.  I took it out this morning after adding the crossmembers and then measured the curve.  It held the 2.5 foot radius perfectly.  Adding the extra 12 inches and extending the curve worked perfectly.  So, after taking that curve out, I put a second curve in and will let it sit overnight with glue and then take it out tomorrow morning.  I need 8 total curves.

I have also decided not to try to cross over the beam between sections of the basement.  While it would look really cool, I cannot figure out how to get the track to rise over the beam and then back down without creating a slope that is to much for the engine and to much to make the arc at the top.  Given the new layout, I think I can mount all of the track off the wall rather than hanging from the ceiling.  I have been thinking about this quite a bit and while the ceiling mount would be neat, it would also create obstructions from viewing the train.  So, if I mount it to the wall, there will be no obstruction to viewing the train.  I think I will still need to hang part of the track where the curves are.

I have finished enough curve to mount a section toward the bathroom in the basement.  But, I have a good bit of work to do in cutting more ties and then sanding and putting a finish on everything.


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