Building a second 2.5 foot curve

I didn’t get a lot done today.  After all, it is a vacation.  Anyhow, I took the curve out of the jig this morning and put another in.  I found that a couple of the pieces of wood that I bought were darker in color and fractured when I bent them.  So, now I know more about what color wood to pick out when buying the wood for the curves.  So, now I am out of wood for curves and I have to make a choice as to whether I go and buy more 1/4 inch wood or just wait till I go to work on Thursday?

I am still working on my method for producing the curve.  When I took the curve from yesterday out of the jig, it bent back more than the inch that I had allotted.  It bent about  2 inches and I think it is because I took the individual curves out of the jig independently and then tried to drill into them to make the cross beams.  So, on this second try, I drilled the cross beams while it was still in the jig and then glued in the dowels immediately.  When I take this one out tomorrow, we will see if it expands as much.

Here is a picture of the one taken out of the jig and the one freshly put in.



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