Modified Layout and possibility of self laid rails

After thinking through the look of the track and holding the G-scale model in my hands, I have decided that the original track layout creates to wide of a platform that looks more like a ledge than a train track.  For the areas in the large part of the room where there are 2 tracks running in parallel, the track will be sitting on a ledge that is 1 foot wide.  If this is off the wall by any amount, the ledge will be even wider.  So, I decided to eliminate the inner loop and use either 2.5 foot curves or 4 foot curves.

I have discovered another option for the rail work.  Instead of piecing together factory made stock railing with black plastic ties attached, I have the option to just buy the rail and attach it to the wood directly.  So, I ordered 6 strips of Code 250 railing (which is smaller than the standard code 332 railing that comes with Aristo and USA track) from Llagas Creek Railways. The advantage with this approach is that I can create any curve that I want and can make slight variations as needed.  But, the real reason for this is that while the Loco-Boose mounting looks great, the little black railroad track sitting on top of the railway doesn’t look as good as using the wood ties as the real ties for the train.  Not knowing how hard this will be, I bought both large and small railroad spikes and only 6 strips of Code 250 rail.


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