Mounting choices for the track

Mounting the track to the ceiling or wall is fairly straight forward, but I need something that will support the track.  My original thought was to just simply cut a piece of wood in strips that are the width of the track but then I realized that this track had to be attractive so I started searching for professional elevated mounting options.  The first product I found is called Interrail Overhead Suspension System but I don’t think it is particularly attractive for a home system.  It might look good at a store but not at home.  So, I kept searching and stumbled on Locoboose.  The Locoboose track is really impressive looking and would look great in the basement.  The only catch is that it is $124 per linear foot so it is cost prohibitive.

So, I am going to make my own suspension system and it will model after the Locoboose system.  So, I modified my spreadsheet to try to make a cost estimate for me building a similar system.  Turns out, if I space the ties at USA Euro style spacing, set my hangers every 18 inches (same as the joists in the ceiling), and use Red Oak 1×1 boards for beams, I can do the entire thing for $850.  But, that will require a lot of manual work.  I need to build a prototype but I also need to wait for the samples of trains arrive so that I can verify that I am going to do the entire thing in G-scale.


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