Should I use G-scale?

It took me a while to stumble around on the internet trying to find some means to decide on the scale of the train.  I wanted something large enough that it would be visible when standing on the floor.  The cost per foot of track is almost identical for the various scales and I presume this to be a result of the cost of the actual rail and intricacy when assembling it.  The cars and engines also cost about the same and this seems to be a result of the smaller trains needing less material but more detail while the larger trains are easier to assemble but require a great deal more material.

In any case, I think I am down to either G-scale or O-scale.  So, I ordered a G-scale caboose and an O-scale caboose.  This will help me decide on the scale.  I am thinking that G-scale will be the best size, but I still need visual confirmation.


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