Where did the birdy go?

If you remember some time ago, I wrote of a little baby mocking bird that had fallen from the nest and had taken refuge in the tall grass under one of the cherry trees in the orchard.  The grass is tall because we have a 6 foot net mounted on metal stakes that prevents the deer from eating the trees.  Anyhow, the momma mocking bird would get all upset whenever we would come into the yard and would dive bomb the dogs to keep them away.  None of the dogs bothered with the little chick and they even got a chance to eat it.  They just sniffed it and moved on.  

Well, it has been about 3 weeks since I first saw the birdy and when picking blackberries this past weekend I noticed that the momma mocking bird was not upset when we were in the yard and didn’t dive at the dogs.  I looked for the little bird and didn’t find it so I figured that either the dogs ate it or it finally flew away.  

So, come to find out that the bird neither left nor was eaten by the dogs.  Mikey fessed up that he ran over it with the lawn mower and didn’t even realize it till he made a second pass and saw baby birdy feathers in the cut grass and then a big bloody spot.  Mike said he didn’t tell me because I was the one that ran over the bunny rabbit.

The bunny incident was the first year that we bought the place and I had just gotten the tractor.  I was cutting the field and came to a grove of little trees.  As I was cutting, I heard the sound of what seemed like a belt squeeking and then a few thumps like I had hit a rock.  Nothing more.  But, I thought that something was up and on the next pass, I stopped and looked around.  Turns out a very large bunny that must have weighed 10 pounds had been in the brush and apparently couldn’t get away before I hit it with the deck.  It had to have died really fast because it was shreaded.  I went and got a shovel and buried it where I had killed it.  I still feel bad about the way the bunny died.  What a terrible way to go.

I hope the little birdy died quickly and didn’t see it coming. 


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