Hart: A temporary home

After hearing Tippy cry all night while Hart was at the vet, I really didn’t want to have just one puppy. So, fortunately, the family that adopted Tippy took Hart as a foster pup.  This is the same family that had fostered the pups and the mother when HART90.org took them in so when the pups saw the family, they went crazy.  More excited than we had ever seen them.  They definitely recognized their old family.  

After the pups left, I cleaned up the basement.  They little pooches really do make a mess and when you take up all of the paper, take away the cage, remove the toys, and take up the bed, your concrete has definitely taken the brunt of the puppies.  It will be a while before the smell of the little poopers is gone.  But, it is very quiet now. 


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