Tippy, Hart & River: And then there were none…

Well, this past adoption event resulted in all of the puppies getting in multiple applications.  So, they have now all been spoken for and will trickle away from the house through Saturday.  River will be the first to go on Tuesday.  Then sweet little Hart some time during the week, and finally Tippy on Saturday.

My mom was right…it is good to be a grandparent.  The come into your home, you play with them, love on them, watch them develop a bit, and then they go away.  In this case they go away forever, so maybe it isn’t so much exactly the same thing.  But still, they go away and you put everything back the way it was.  Take out the cages in the basement, the stacks of newspaper, the little doggy bed, the towels hanging all over the weights, the cage in the front yard, and the puppy food on the serving table.  You get to take the big dogs out to play ball in the yard as soon as you get home without having to lock the big dogs upstairs while you take the little dogs outside to get some exercise. 

But still…the little puppies are so sweet, so innocent, and truly a reminder of why I am so attached to these four legged cridders that bring endless streams of dirt into the house, that have the capability to kill me if they want to, cost me $30 a month in food, and bring me so much joy, pleasure and pure fun.  No human could ever get me to play ball or Frisbee with simply the look of big sad brown eyes while holding a toy in their mouth.  No human could get me to get out of the bed to make them dinner when my back is broken or I have a 105 degree temperature. 

I will truly miss River.  He is a wonderful little dog and I hope he lives to be a wonderful big dog.  The other two are very nice pups, but they just don’t have the pizazz that River has.  There is a tear in my eye as I write this, but don’t mistake that tear for a desire to keep River…he must go!


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