Tippy, Hart & River: Our first night without poo

Well, I got up this morning and checked on the pooches at 7am and I was greatly surprised to find that there was no poo in the cage with the pups.  I took them out and they all wet at the same time and then River and Tippy took a dump.  We played for a bit, then I gave them food, ran them around, and then put them back in the cage.  Mike took them back out again at 9am and then headed to work at about 11.

When I got home, I think they pretty much exploded.  Poo was everywhere.  It was in the cage, out of the cage, in the bed and in the water bowl.  Gees!  I took them out and went back in to clean up the mess.  I took up all of the newspaper, cleaned out the water bowl, and refilled it.  I then put it outside with the puppies and their food bowl.  I then went in and got a large bowl and started picking blackberries.  I brought Kira out with me and we had a grand time picking berries.  Eventually Hart and River wandered back up to the house and I kept an eye on them.  Tippy pretty much mirrored Kira.  Anything that Kira did, Tippy immediately did and then some.  There was a mocking bird in the apple tree near me and when I whistled to get the attention of the dogs, the mocking bird mimicked me.  So, I stated whistling long solid notes and the mocking bird would repeat.  I started combining notes and the mocking bird would sing with me.  This went on till I finished the blackberries and then headed back to the house. 

River and Hart were at the house sitting by the glass door.  I let them in and they were thrilled to be back in the house.  It was a rather hot day so I guess they didn’t like the heat.  Anyhow, I carried the food inside and then took the water in.  When I put the water down, they all ran into the cage and started drinking.  Then, Tippy jumped in the water bowl and started running around in circles.  Well, now I know why the paper is always soaked and the water bowl is both empty and lightly spattered with dirt.

As the pups get older it becomes more obvious that the mix is part basset hound.  The reason is that their little front feet have an odd shape to the joint so that their feet stick out to the left and right of their legs like Basset Hound’s feet do.  This is probably what makes them look like they are waddling all the time. 


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