Tippy, Hart, River & Mud: And then there were three…

Today is the day that Mud will be leaving the puppy pack.  He is going to his new home in South Riding VA.  I am sure that he will miss the rest of the pack more than they will miss him.

Mike took little Mud to his new home and said that Mud cried the entire time.  Well, just about any dog would have considering that he was in a dog carrier in the back of Mike’s car.  I would have put the carrier in the passenger seat so that the little pooch would be happier.  The other three dogs didn’t really seem to notice other than River kept looking around the cage and wouldn’t stray from the house much during play time.  

When Mike returned, he said that Mud seemed to do very well.  And, that Mud even went to the door to scratch  to go out and then immediately did his job.  The family is really happy with the little dog.  Apparently the father really wanted River but the kids wanted Mud.  River is really maturing fast and will make someone very happy.  He is really affectionate and will now just come over to me while the others are playing and will just roll over to have his tummy scratched.

After Mud left, I played with the pups in the basement.  Tippy has already discovered the stairs that go to the main level of the house and she runs up and down the stairs like they are nothing.  River and Hart, on the other hand, are afraid of the dark cavern and won’t venture past the first step.  But, with Mud gone, River ventured after Tippy and it surprised her.  Previously this was her secret way to get away and hide.  But, now she had no hiding place.  River initially was very cautious going up the stairs and then worked each stair coming back down.  They are no higher than the rock stairs outside, but the dark hall may have thrown him off.  Anyhow, after coming down the stairs, he was getting brave and took a leap from the second stair down to the basement carpet and did a face plant.  His little front legs just folded under him and he slid across the floor. He jumped up and ran to me, then ran after Tippy.  Within about 30 minutes, he was running at full speed up and down the stairs just as Tippy has been doing.  Hart, on the other hand, never did figure out the stairs and is still afraid of them.

I noticed today that when Hart runs to much, his belly turns a dark color like a bruise.  Grendel’s belly use to do the same when she couldn’t get enough oxygen due to her heart mummer.  After a bit of a rest, his belly turned pink again.  This worries me because he is only 11 weeks old and already cannot get enough oxygen.  Grendel was 7 years old before she started having the brown belly thing and she died about 3 years after it started.


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