River, Mud, Tippy & Hart: Expanding the territory

We discovered a few things today.  First, Mike gave them a pig ear that had something on it that made Tippy and Hart sick.  I was in the basement with them when Hart started heaving like he was going to puke, and then before he puked, he flopped over on his side and continued to heave but all of his legs were stuck straight out.  He wasn’t trying to get up but his eyes were normal.  Before I could get to him, he puked and then got up.  He staggered around a bit and then went back to normal.  Tippy also got sick but her situation wasn’t as difficult.  She started heaving and stayed upright for a while and then just as she actually puked, she fell over on her side and finished the process.  She didn’t get back to normal quite as fast as Hart.  I made sure everyone was OK, and then I went and got food for all.  I set it down and they all dove in, but after a few bites, Tippy walked away and just played by herself while the others ate.  Hart ate more than anyone which is pretty customary.  He is going to be a fat little dog if the owner isn’t careful.

They all finished up dinner and got their water and then took off exploring as usual.  Each day they have ventured farther and farther away from the patio.  they explore in somewhat of a set of circles and somehow know how far they have gone in the previous day.  Yesterday they ventured to the deck above the front patio and I worried that they would fall off.  But, much to my pleasure, even little Tippy couldn’t fit her head through the railing.  Today they played chase by running across the deck from the front porch to the side porch, down the boulder steps, across the patio, and back up the other boulder steps to the front patio.  It was quite fun to watch.  They seem to have longer and longer spells of activity before their batteries run down.  

River is has also discovered that he has a bit more fuzz somewhere and unlike the others, he decided that it was time to use his new found tools.  So, he tried to get up on Tippy for the mount, and she just about went crazy.  I guess he learned that mounting Tippy isn’t a good thing.   River is growing more rapidly than the others, but Hart isn’t far behind.  Both River and Hart have gotten big enough in the first week of us having them that neither can fit under the rungs of the chairs on the dining room table in the basement.

Sidenote:  Why I have a dining room table in the basement.  It is a very nice Stickley table that I had bought for my previous house.  It is extremely well crafted and very elegant.  But, when my father passed away, my mother wanted to empty the house of a lot of furniture to make it easier for her to go.  So she gave me the antique dining room table that my grandparents had.  The table is a lovely butterfly table made from pecan wood and is in great condition.  It survived hurricane Camille and sat for weeks after the storm surge put a foot of salt water in the house.  The bottom 12 inches of the china cabinet, chairs, table, and serving hutch lack the luster of the original finish.  But, that is charm and the table is much more fitting for this contemporary home.  Thus, the original Stickley resides in the basement and is a wonderful table for entertaining informal guests when playing pool or having a patio party.

Anyhow, Tippy and Mud have discovered that if they can find a location under the table and chairs, they can get away from both Hart and River.  So, today they found a piece of cloth and once Tippy got it, she run circles around the table and then darted under a chair that was blocked by the leg of the table.  So, Hart and River went nuts barking at her until their attention span failed them and they attacked each other.  But, Mud messed the whole thing up because he can get under the chairs and so he started trying to get the little piece of cloth. 

When Mud gets adopted this week, Tippy is going to have the upper hand on hiding under the table.  🙂


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