Hart, River, Tippy & Mud: A day of discovery

Today started out as a wonderful day in the lives of the little puppies.  I cannot believe how much poo these little things can have inside them, nor can I believe how well they can spread it around their cage in the night. That was the human’s first discovery.  The second human discovery was that Mud will simply pee whenever he needs to go while the others will hold it in till they get to the grass.

Now, for the dog discovery.  We have been having a bit of construction on the house and we had to take up part of the patio on the lowest level in order to put in the rock walkway and replace the columns on the house.  Well, the patio was simply a brick patio floating on a base of sand so when the bricks were pulled up, what was left was a bunch of sand. And when the workers put in the walkway, they had to dig up a lot of the sand and put it in a pile.  The puppies never even noticed that the ground was different there until River happened to be toddling across the patio and discovered a twig sticking out of the sand.  He started digging and Tippy saw the sand flying from the little pooch’s rear end.  She ran over and started digging.  Then Hart came, and finally Mud.  They were all digging like mad and having the best time of it.  

River eventually discovered that on the other side of the brick wall was a huge pile of sand and he started digging through the pile.  Hart came over and watched for a bit, and then started barking his head off at River.  River burrowed in the sand and then turned over on his bask as if he had just made a nice soft reclining chair.  Hart wouldn’t have anything to do with this quiet pleasure so he dove in and bit at River.  River lashed into Hart and gave him a "what for" and then pushed him back.  Hart started to approach again, and with amazing speed, River made a leap out of his pit and just bowled Hart over.  Hart went tumbling across the walkway and River went back to his cool hole.  Hart started to approach again, but by this time Tippy had noticed and as Hart started making his approach to attack, Tippy T-boned him and he went tumbling.  River came out of his little hole and went after Hart and soon both Hart and Tippy were mauling Hart. 

Now for the second discovery by the pooches.  While Hart was being mauled by the other two, he seemed to realize that every time they get near me, I break up the fight and lift Hart out of the frey.  He looked at me, cocked his head sideways, and then took off running for me.  River and Tippy nipped at his heels but he got to me and I lifted him up to safety.  The other two just stopped and watched.  Hart was safe.  After a bit, River went back to his hole and Tippy attacked Mud.  Hart then wanted down and so I set him back down.  

A very funny discovery was made by Hart who is the first to discover that he has more genitalia today than he had yesterday.   

An interesting discovery by the human is that River now watches me not only for what I am doing, but he seems to watch me for where I am looking and for tracking where I am.  All of the others seem oblivious that I am doing anything and then occasionally realize I am there an run to me.  But, River keeps constant surveillance on me and if I start moving, he stops whatever he is doing and watches me.  If I stop and I seem to be doing something with my hands, he just stands idle and plays while watching.  But, if I stop doing anything and just stand in the new location, River will run like mad to me and then jump on my legs to be picked up.  Of all the puppies, River likes being held the most.  The other part of this discovery is that River seems to look for where I am looking.  If I start walking and he is following, he will not watch my legs like the other pups, he seems to look at my face and then look to wherever I am looking.  This became useful to him when I started walking and I looked at their cage.  As soon as he realized I was looking at the cage, he stopped following and flattened out on the grass.  The others followed blindly and I put them in the cage.  I then had to go back and get River who was as flat as he could be in the grass.  I also noticed that if I am looking toward the door to the basement, he follows along and will go ahead and run to the door expecting to be let in. 

Tippy is the most inquisitive of the group.  She is the most likely to find anything that she shouldn’t find.  And, she seems to know her name.  If you call out Tippy, she will stop and look up at you.  But she is hard headed enough that he doesn’t just come running to you like the others.  Tippy also discovered that the shade of the large willow tree in the front yard is the place to be, so she completely ignored the rest of the pooches until I brought them into the shade.  They re all smart enough to try to stay in my shadow but under the willow tree, they played fiercely.  The grass is about 1.5 feet tall around the base of the tree and they loved playing in the tall grass.  Tippy would get real low like she was hiding and would dart out of the grass when another would come by. Mud is the least social of the group.  He likes people and loves to be pet on the belly, but he generally wanders off from the pack and explores on his own.  He is the smallest of the group and so maybe he just doesn’t like getting beat up.  But, in the wild, this behavior would result in a large bird or some other animal of prey snatching up the little fellow.  So, I don’t let him stray to far.

River seems to know his name also and will run to me when I call him.  With Tippy and River knowing their names, it is fairly easy to get them to come inside.  I just go to the sliding door, call Tippy and River and once they start running, Hart and Mud immediately follow after.  Upon opening the door, they all run inside and start playing chase around the pool table.  Tippy will often just be sitting silently on her own and will just take off running across the room.  The others soon follow and it is just a mad dash all over the place in random directions. 

The pups went to the adoption event today and Mud got adopted.  His home inspection is to be done this week and it all goes well, Mud will go to his permanent home this week.  Tippy is due to be adopted by the original foster family when they return from vacation.  So, it looks like the puppies will leave us rapidly.


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