Hart, River, Tippy & Mud: In their new foster home

2 days with the puppies and they are great.  I was talking to my mom on Independence day and she said:

Wow…that is perfect.  It is like being a grandmother…they stay with you for a while, remind you of how much fun they are, and before you get tired of them, they go away…and the best part is you can lock these up in a cage when you need to do something and you don’t have to worry about the police taking them away!

I suppose this is true.  I took the day off from work to plan to go to Luray Caverns but we didn’t go because Mike had to work and Will and Fitz couldn’t go today.  We may go on Sunday.  But, I took the day off anyway.  At 6:30 the pups were awake and yapping so I got up and staggered down the stairs to get to them.  One had pooped in the cage but otherwise the cage was clean.  I opened their gate and they ran like a little herd of elephants across the entertainment room to the door outside.  I opened the door and they ran to the grass and immediately did the job.

I did a jog across the yard (Um…Arthur…sorry…um…I know…I will pay for it on Tuesday!) and they followed like little ducks.  Tippy is always in the front followed by River, then Mud and finally Hart bouncing along trying to keep up.  I saw the neighbor (Jan) outside so I called over.  She had only a long shirt on and I think she was outside with the expectation that no-one was outside.  I continued my jog over to the fence and the puppies followed.  She is allergic to dogs but loves to play with the dogs.  She just loved on them and then said “I have to go get my father”.  I ran back to the yard and the puppies followed again like little ducks.  I waited quite a while and then Jan reappeared with her father.  This time she had shorts on.  I ran the dogs over and she played with them.  Her father (Carl) didn’t touch them but just watched.  I couldn’t tell if he was happy or unhappy with the existance of the puppies in his yard.  The puppies looked tired and were running out of energy so I bid farewll and jogged back to the house.  The puppies followed as usual and I ran into the house and they ran into their little cage.  They all slurped up water as fast as they could and then came back out of the cage to play.  I ran them around the pool table and then back into the cage.  I locked it up and they all yapped at me while I did a light workout with the gym.

I noticed that they always want to get on the deck under the pool table like they are playing king of the hill.  So, I went into the storage room and got the little bed that Grendel out and put it in their cage.  It is a nice little wood frame bed with 3 sides on it and a small pad.  When Grendel was alive, this was the bed that she slept on every night  and it use to sit right beside my bed.  Until now I would get weepy every time I even thought about Grendel and even now when looking at the bed I get a bit sad.  But, it is time to move on.  So, I gave the bed to the puppies knowing that they would chew on it.  It is made out of oak and has a non-toxic finish on it so that puppies can use it.

As soon as the puppies saw the bed, they piled in.  Well…everyone but River.  River sat at the door of the cage and just looked out at me.  The others were content to get in the bed and go to sleep.  River eventually put his head down and went to sleep just inside the door of the cage.  I worked on the computer for at least an hour and they all slept so quietly with 3 in the bed.  Eventually River went over and went to sleep in front of the bed and when Hart stretched, he fell out of the bed onto River.  They tumble around in their sleep and they don’t seem to care if a brother or sister falls on them, lays on them, or crawls underneath them.

River is unique in the four pups in that he watches me all the time and when I let all of the dogs out, he stays with me for a bit and then reluctantly runs after all of the other pups.  When we play outside, if he isn’t trying to play “bowl over my sibling” he is watching me.  If I pick him up, his little tongue starts going 90 miles an hour trying to lick me.  Tippy on the other hand just tries to nip your nose or nip your chin.  If I hold River long enough, he will relas and put his head on my shoulder and go to sleep.  I have to be careful here or I will fall in love with River.

You have to be wondering what is happening with Kira, Bones, and Remy.  Well, we are giving them plenty of attention but we don’t let them play with the puppies.  I spent part of the day upstairs at my office and Kira slept under my desk.  When I took a nap (is it a nap when it last for 3 hours?), Kira slept under the bed.  Remy is the most jealous of the pups so he isn’t allowed near them at all.  Bones is the most likely to chew them up so he isn’t allowed outside when they are outside.  Mike stays upstairs with Bones most of the day so I am sure that Bones is just fine.  Bottom line, while I may drone on and on about the puppies, I am still paying lots of attention to the big dogs.

Here are some pictures of the little guys:

You can’t pet River without getting licked RiverAtHisBest - DSC01580
Puppy play time is just like bowling.  The goal seems to be to see how many of your siblings you can knock over without falling over yourself. RiverPouncesOnHart - DSC01582
Tippy is a sweetie…Look at that tail go! TippyOverview - DSC01583

Breakfast time at the ranch!

Left to right…

River, Hart, Mud, Tippy

River,Hart,Mud,TippyBreakfast - DSC01590

Uh oh…ran out of food Gotta start pulling up  grass…

Left to right…

River, Hart, Mud, Tippy

River,Hart,Mud,TippyDinnertime - DSC01591

I almost caught them sleeping.  No flash but

they woke up as soon as I turned the corner.

Left to right…

Hart, Mud, River, Tippy

Hart,Mud,River,TippyInCage - DSC01594
The gang is behind bars this evening.  Note the weight in the background that River has been using to bulk up.  Those little demon eyes tell you a lot about what they are thinking…the intensity of Hart tells you who the real leader is.

Left to Right…

River, Hart, Mud, Tippy

River,Hart,Mud,TippyTheGangInJailAfterAWorkout - DSC01596
It’s been a long day and we found this new bed that we have already chewed on to mark it as ours. This is a cool place…stuff just appears from no-where when we go out to play.

Left to right…

Tippy, Mud, Hart, River

Tippy,Mud,Hart,RiverSleeping - DSC01598



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