Riley: Update followup


Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2007 7:39 AM

Subject: Followup on Riley (aka Chompy) from the new family

Well, it has been about 9 months since Riley was adopted and we keep in touch with the family. We have made a visit and will do another coming up soon. In any case, here is a humorous story from the family that took him in.

If you don’t remember Riley, he was the Dalmatian that came up from Katrina with Remy (yellow lab mix). Riley absolutely hated Bones (the ancient dog that resides at our house) from the day they met causing us to build gates like locks in our house so that they could never be together. When we made a mistake, both dogs, even when muzzled, would foam at the mouth and fight till we could pull them apart. Riley bit through my hand, gave me numerous punctures on my arms and then eventually turned into my best friend through lots of work. To see such a wild beast turn into such a family mush makes the scars worth a great deal to me.

So…hats off to HART for giving Riley an opportunity where most people would just have put him down. And hats off to the wonderful family that has taken him into their home.


P.S. Remember that Riley was the one that took over 9 months to get adopted and he was adopted because we took him to the Ice Cream Social at Leslie’s sister’s place in Fairfax. It was a Fireman that they called over from the local station that fell in love with him.


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