Hart, River, Tippy & Mud: Day 1

Some of our guests stayed over and one of the guests has a Jack Russel name Pronto that you may have read about earlier.  Well, Pronto barks a lot and it just took one bark for Pronto to wake the pups up.  Um…Fitz, Pronto’s owner, gets up to damn early so that meant that the entire house had to get up at 6am due to the noise of the puppies.  That was OK…because I had to do a demo for work in the morning.  Mike wasn’t as OK with it because he would have slept much later.

So, I get up, put on enough clothing to be decent and let the puppies out.  They had pooped all over the cage and spilled the water…well…I think so…I cannot imagine that much water being in those tiny little dogs.  Anyhow, I opened the cage door and they all tumbled out…Clearly they understood the meaning of a door.  I took them outside and let them run around in the grass.  They all peed immediately and then ran around like crazy.  We brought out food and water and they got their first big meal of the day.  We then let them play till they were tired.

When Tippy is gone, the rest play very nicely.  She stirs them up
and is always wanting to play.  Hart is the sweetest and is the one
with a heart arithmia as well as a palsey.  He shakes all the time but
he completely keeps up with the rest of the group.  Hart’s problem
really becomes obvious when he runs at full speed.  His front legs are
running completely independently of his back legs.  Normally dogs walk
and run so that their legs are always balanced front to back.  But
Hart’s little legs seem to all be going independent of each other and
the result is that he is very unstable.  Sometimes he lists to the left
or right and sometimes he just simply face plants.  Mud is the smallest
of the litter and is also the one that is most likely to go off on his
own and abandon the pack.  He is the last one out of the cage but he
seems to really want to be around humans and sticks very close to me
when I take them out.  Lastly, River is the largest and heaviest of the
dogs.  His nose is shaped more like a lab and his body is much
thicker.  He has lots of extra skin and is also the one most likely to
bark and yap all the time.  He is also the best jumper and is
exceptionally good at leaping into the air and nipping my nose or chin.

My therapy sessions are always at 5pm or 6pm so I don’t get home till
fairly late at 8:30pm.  Mike is working in MD so he doesn’t get home
till 9pm.  So, we were worried that they wouldn’t be able to hold it
from 11am (when Mike leaves) till 8:30pm (when I get home).  But, I was
quite surprised that when I got home they were all very silent in the
cage, no poop or pee.  One had the runs and must have shoved his little
butt as far out of the cage as possible as he was able to get most of
it out of the cage.  When I got home, I opened the cage door and they
poured out of the cage like a sea of puppies.  They seem to adore
humans and just jumped all over me.  I walked slowly to the door (the
length of the house) trying to avoid stepping on any of them.  They
seem to just hover around your feet.  When they do run, they all run
together and it sounds like a tiny bunch of horses.

So, I walk
them to the door on the other side of the basement and opened it.  They
all piled out of the door and ran as fast as they could to the grass.

As soon as they hit the grass they stopped dead in their tracks and
peed.  This just seems amazing to me for a 10 week old puppy.  House
training dogs often can be as long as 6 months and I have had dogs that
took over a year to house train.  Mike came home at about the same time
that I did so he took the big dogs for a walk so that I didn’t have to
worry about the big dogs interfering or getting jealous.  I put the
food bowl in the cage in the yard and then piled them into the cage.
They ate as long as I would sit in the cage with them.  When they were
done, they stopped eating the food and like little parannahs, they
started nipping at me.

So, I let them out of the cage and they
just tumble around like a mass of legs and tails.  They seem to always
stick together.  But I noticed that they followed me all the time, so I
took off running (yea, bad for my back…if Arthur is reading…um…”I
didn’t do it”…but tell Michelle thanks…I paid for it…glad I didn’t have Anne today!) and they all ran as fast as they could after me.  They
run amazingly fast for such little tiny legs.  And little ole Hart kept
up with the pack.  He must run twice as fast as the rest because he
falls down twice as much.  I ran (remember, me running with my back
like this is about as good as the average person jogging) from one end
to the other of the yard (about 300 feet) and the buggers kept up.  I
stopped, sat down and they crawled all over me barking and nipping at
me.  Then they would start tussling with each other and I would take
off and run.  As soon as Tippy noticed, she would take off and soon all
4 were running after me again and the little buggers caught up to me.

It seemed that the more that they ran, the faster they got.  I did the
same run at least 10 times in hopes of tiring them out.  After running,
they all went poo, and then we went back to the cage.

kept playing for quite  a while and then finally River fell over and
went to sleep.  It was like a switch went off and he fell over.  It
wasn’t long before Mud saw him laying in the grass, and so Mud ran over
and flopped on top of him.  Then Hart did the same.  Tippy saw this and
ran over and started biting all of them and got them all riled up
again.  I got up and ran toward the house and they all ran after me,
right into the house, and then into their cage.  I closed the door and
they all tussled around and then went to sleep.

They slept
till about 10:30pm when I went down stairs and woke them up to take
them out.  Once again, all I had to do was open the cage door and they
all piled out and followed me to the basement door.  When I opened it,
they ran to the grass, peed, and then played for a bit.  When I went
back to the house, they all ran back with me and ran into the house.

We played on the floor for about 15 minutes and then I put them to
bed.  They are now sleeping soundly and seem happy as little tired
puppies can be.


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