Mud, Hart, Tippy & River: The arrival

We had some friends over for our usual celebration of the 4th of July and we also invited Nancy and Pat from HART…well…we had to…they have the puppies.  Of course we would have invited them anyway.  Nancy brought the little puppies out in a nice carrier and loaned us a cage for outside so that they could play in the grass.  We already had a cage set up inside so we were ready for them.

The little puppies are incredibly fun.  They look like Labs in the body but have long snoots and stubby feet like a hound.  Tippy (the female) dominates all of them and appears to be fully cage trained.  While outside playing in the cage with them this morning. Tippy went crazy trying to dig out of the cage.  I finally let her out and she ran about 20 feet away from the cage, did her business, and then ran back.

By the way, I have new names for all of the pups.

Tipper – (aka Tippy) is the black/white female with the long pointed snoot
Coco – (aka Mud) is the solid brown male that is the runt of the litter and a bit shy
Palsey – (aka Hart) is the blond male with the white diamond on his forehead that has the shakes
Tubby – (aka River) is the blond/white male that is bigger than the rest and a lot heavier

OK…Susan…I won’t rename them.  I will learn to call them by their previously given names.  But, the new owner of each pup will undoubtedly give them a new name.


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