Mud, Hart, Tippy, & River: The new foster puppies

When it rains it pours…well…we asked for this one.  A message went out on Monday that the current fosters for a dog named Addie were taking a vacation next week and they needed someone to take in a set of puppies that Addie had when she came to HART.  Well, I had previously told Mike that I did not want to do any more fostering until Bones passed away because it was just to hard on Bones to have dogs come in and dethrone him all the time and Kira didn’t like having females in the house.  So, I wanted to let Bones live out the remainder of his days as the king of the house and to just be happy.

But, when the message went out as a call for help, I sent Mike a message suggesting that we take in the puppies as a permanent foster so that they would not be bounced around.  He agreed.  My reasoning here is that the puppies would not represent a threat to any of the dogs in the house, would not disrupt Bones’ last few months, and they would be a good way to stay involved with HART.  Since all of my illnesses began last year, I have just not been able to be involved at the adoption events and this is about my only way (other than monetary donations) to be involved.  So, this seemed like a good match for what we can offer.

Sandy, one of the volunteers, said that the environment of a puppy between 8 weeks and 16 weeks is critical because this is the time that they develop their personality and their identification with humans.  If they do not get a great deal of human interaction, they will prefer dogs.  This doesn’t explain Kira’s lack of people skills since we got her at 7 weeks and I stayed with her 24×7…then again, her staying with me may explain her lack of people skills.  But, I digress.

So, on the 4th of July, Nancy is going to bring out the 4 puppies and we will keep them till they get adopted.  Here they are:

Hart hart
Mud mud
River river
Tippy tippy

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