Ruben: Has left the building

Well, 10 days passed fairly quickly.  Mike came home from his Aunt’s birthday celebration and we went to dinner at Famous Dave’s.  We took Ruben with us and all of his belongings to meet his owner (Jeff) there.  Jeff had just gotten back from his 10 day cross country trip in an automobile and didn’t have the energy to hang out with us over dinner.  So, he took Ruben’s belongings and Ruben and left.

The odd thing about the transaction was that Ruben didn’t seem super happy.  Even Kira would have gone crazy if she had seen me after I had been away for a week.  Ruben wagged his tail and sniffed at Jeff, but he didn’t bounce off the walls.  I suppose he had a lot of fun having free run of the property whenever we were home and getting to play with a bunch of other dogs.  Maybe he knows that by going home with Jeff that he won’t get to play with Remy any more.

All in all, he wasn’t a bad dog to take care of.  He fit in well and for the most part didn’t have any problems with the other dogs.  He learned the doggy door in a few days and we never had to care about making sure to take him outside.  He kept Remy active and they tussled around the house like crazy. And, once he got accustomed to living here, he slept right beside the bed on my clothes if I dropped them on the floor.  And, best of all…he never had an accident in the house.  He didn’t even mark anywhere in the house.


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