Ruben: Oh gees…. the dog fights start again

Well, I guess Ruben has been here long enough that he thinks this is home and it is time for him to dominate someone.  So, he has decided to start fighting with Bones.  Every time he gets near Bones, he starts growling and posturing.  Bones growls back and they fight.  Fortunately for Bones, Ruben is a horrible fighter and even old Bones can beat him up.  So far I have gotten there in time to pull them off each other before any damage is done.  Ruben is truly stupid in that he keeps trying to fight even though Bones can pin him. 

Mike went to his Aunt’s in Chesapeake Bay for her birthday and so I am taking care of the fighters alone.  Stupid dogs!

This morning, before Mike left, he wanted some peace and so he put the dogs outside in the front.  They ran back and forth between the front door and the side door on the deck and ended up knocking over the Pineapple plant that Mike had been babying.  It has a cute little pineapple that is about half the size of what you see in the stores.  Mike says that plant will die when the pineapple is ripe.  Well, it may die before then at this rate.


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